Dog Rocks are a natural product designed to help to reduce or eliminate burn patches on your lawn and hedges caused by your dog urinating.

Dogs Rocks are a natural, hassle free way prevent urine burn marks, and they do not change the pH balance of your dog's urine.

They are simply put into your dog’s normal water bowl, to naturally filter out impurities in the water such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates.

  • Improvement is usually visible after 5 weeks
  • One pack lasts 2 months
  • Uses igneous rock
  • Removes impurities from your dog's drinking water
  • Stops yellow patches / burn marks on grass & hedges
NEW - Now available is 'Dog Rocks (100g) Smaller Rocks for Smaller Dogs.' Ideal for Smaller Dogs up to 7kg in weight. Simply use with 1 litre of water and one pack will last 2 months.

How to use Dog Rocks:

  1. Remove your Dog Rocks from packaging and wash so as to remove any dust
  2. Place the entire pack's contents into your dog’s water bowl
  3. If you need more than one water bowl you will need another pack of Dog Rocks; it is recommended to have 100g of Dog Rocks per 1L of water
  4. Enjoy noticeable improvements to your lawn after 5 weeks
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