About Gold Paw Nutrition

Choosing a good pet food can make a real difference to the health and happiness of your pet.

Mr Pets' Gold Paw Approved foods are foods and treats that are of a high quality, containing only the finest ingredients for your companion animal. Gold Paw Approved foods allow you to feed your pet the very best and save money by doing so.

Our specially trained team members possess animal nutrition related diplomas and undergo regular brand specific nutrition training, and are loving pet owners themselves. They look carefully into the ingredients of each Gold Paw Nutrition Food that we endorse, ingredients are analysed from the largest piece of kibble down to the smallest molecule!

 To read our detailed explantion of what to look for in your pet's food, read our Gold Paw Nutrition Glossary.

You'll see our Gold Paw Approved logo displayed like this! 

Gold Paw Approved Products for Cats & Dogs have the following in common;

-       They are full of high quality Protein, usually shown as a percentage and are at the top of the ingredients list, this will fill your          pet up for longer

-          Contain Slow Release Carbohydrates to ensure energy is distributed throughout the day

-          Have a selection of fruit or veg to ensure that your pet is getting the best nutrients

-          Are preserved naturally and contain plenty of Omega oils and antioxidants

-          Contain ingredients that can be locally sourced or easily traced back

-          Are mostly cereal or grain free

-          We try to ensure foods are as biologically appropriate as they can be

Gold Paw Approved products for Small Animals;


-          Feed that contains large amounts of good quality fibre.

-          Prevents selective feeding.

-          Contains natural prebiotics.

-          Fortified with vitamins, minerals and added antioxidants.

Guinea Pigs;

-          Feed that is naturally high in beneficial fibre.

-          Prevents selective feeding.

-          Contains high levels of vitamin C and natural prebiotics.

-          Fortified with vitamins, minerals and added antioxidants.

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